Catalog of Services

Investment Attraction

We help your zone raise capital - after learning more about your zone’s requirements, we will create a complete investment attraction plan which includes a marketing campaign, the organization of investment conferences, an investor database, etc.

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Data Gathering

We can help gather economic data pertinent to
SEZs. To do this we can either use traditional
data mining techniques or can recruit large but
cost-efficient teams of qualified analysts.

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Opposition Research

We can help figure out who is lobbying for and against your SEZ project. We can help profile political allies and opponents, and help build risk mitigation strategies.

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We can provide market analysis, run targeted social media campaigns, film advertisements, and establish academic credibility. Our partner, Warfare Media, will help you design a marketing plan to reach entrepreneurs, investors, and manufacturers.

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Human Intelligence

We provide on-site human intelligence to help penetrate new markets, assess threats and risks, and build rapports with players on the ground. We guarantee discretion and cost effectiveness.

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Security Services

Our partners can provide physical security
services for high-risk environments. We can
help you find partners to protect your supply
chains from theft, crime, and political

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We can offer the full range of cybersecurity services to our clients. Our cybersecurity team can provide engineering and architecture design, operations management, digital forensics, threat assessment, penetration testing, and more.

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Field Experts

We can help SEZs find experts on any given topic from economics to security to construction.

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How we operate

EZI partners with SEZ developers and experts to provide clear intelligence and marketing services. This includes but is not limited to investment attraction, research and data gathering, cybersecurity and physical security.

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